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Yes, you can. We understand our users might need help through this migration into our easily accessible technology and we are always available to support.
Of course! In creating this recruitment solution, we also considered affordability for small and growing enterprises to large corporations. Call Us to discuss the most suitable plan for you from our “everything you need to hire” offering.
In addition to a consistent follow-up and feedback, a SeamlessHiring Champ is assigned you and your team and always available to address your feedback and enquiries.
As many as you require to arrive at the best decision for your recruitment process. After the primary user has sent an invitation, admin creates an account for these team members which allows them to log-in and carry out various actions visible to all. Remember our technology allows all process to be tracked and downloaded.
A job is active on SeamlessHiring (job page) when it’s live on job boards (your career page and/or newspapers), or open for applications.
Yes, this option is fully covered (this is only available in the Large Enterprise Plan/Premium Plan). A dedicated SeamlessHiring Champ approved by you works with you all through. Please Call Us to discuss in more detail.
We recognize integrity and transparency as cores of sustainable partnerships, hence an SSL connection that you can rely on for a complete secure data infrastructure on our cloud services. We have also implemented multiple layers of tracking to this effect where activities/actions on candidates are all provided.
You do require internet access to fully utilize the SeamlessHiring experience.
Yes, you can upgrade a plan at any time during your subscription or downgrade when your current subscription expires.
As the name suggests, video job posting is a feature that allows you exclusively introduce your company, workplace culture, role details and expectations, as well as other valuable information to job seekers through a video.
Following the video post, a pre-set test with questions from the video will be taken by candidates. SeamlessHiring then allows you to sort successful applicants based on their test performance.
For any inquiry about the pricing details, kindly contact our support team here.

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